Monday, December 29, 2008

FA08 Final Projects

Well, I got 2 projects that are somewhat worthy of being posted.

First will be from Designing 3D Environments class:

This is my weapons development facility/room. I was going for a semi broke down old'ish room that is seen in a lot of video games. I didn't intend this to be sci-fi'sh at first... but oh well.

3D Studio Max 2008

Secondly, my model of Ishmael the Gears of War 2 concept I've made a few months back.

I got to model him for my Character Modeling class. Had a lot of fun and frustration with this one. I wish I could have textured him before turning it in... I will definitely try to get around that before the break ends. Probably just do a low-poly version of it or something.

3D Studio Max 2008/Zbrush 3.1/Maya 2008

And there you have it. Not much, but atleast it's something.

3D modeling is really starting to get to me... almost sick of it haha I am currently working on something decent that is 2D and hopefully I will have it done this week. Look forward to that.

Until then, Happy New Years everybody!

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