Thursday, May 7, 2009

Line Up

1. line up of my 3 characters done for class. does it look like they all fit in the same world? (medieval/fantasy world) revisions definitely are needed, but not sure which direction to take with the demon and machine.

2. norm. he went through many phases of revisions. i think i'll fix the face later.

3. demon. i had no idea what to do with his armor design. all i know is that i wanted the orb in the center to be the focal point and for him to look kind of crazy/psychotic.

4. machine. i like how this one turned out, but i can probably push the armor design to be more like medieval armor. i had reference, but nothing i was able to utilize to my liking.

any feedback will be appreciated.

1 comment:

Exclarion said...

I couldnt finish mine... :( i need to sleep lol... yours are looking nice dude they seem to fit in same world. Dont think i was able to pull tht off. Anyways... gona take a 3 hour nap before class starts :'(