Friday, May 22, 2009

Warlord restart FINAL (I think)

This has got to be the longest I've EVER spent time on for one character. I guess I really wanted to get this one right. I'm pretty sure there are some things that can still use some tweaking... but I think I'm over this one now haha Now I want to do a 'beauty shot' of him doing some kind of sweet action or fighting a monster.

Anyway, for now, I'm calling this DONE.

Dang... my tablet pen tip is wearing down like crazy! To the point where it's really scratching up the surface of my tablet. Jeez. Maybe it's time for a new pen?

Critiques are welcome.

PSCS3/ Wacom Graphire3/ approx 4 hours


I wasn't done with it afterall... haha I noticed the arm holding the axe was a bit weird looking. Hopefully this looks more anatomically correct.


Anonymous said...

I like the armor you got going on this guy. His head however is bothering me, it doesn't seem like he has a neck, his head seem to be attached right on his shoulders. I think if you would just cut the head and bring it up a little bit more to the center of the body and not leaned forward it would look much better.

geeshin said...

Nah, that should be right. If the head is brought up, the neck would be too long. The shoulder pads are higher then they look. I'm pretty sure Asa would have pointed that out when he did a paint over ahah Thanks for the comment.