Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So Asa suggested that I put some "bling" around the area of focus. Hopefully this is enough, or not too much. Did really short research on some medieval ornate designs on the armor, and couldn't really find anything I liked right off the bat. So yeah, made it up myself based on some things I've found.

Anyway, constructive criticism is always welcome. Heck, just leave a comment if you want.


Re-posed the arm and tweaked some things here and there. I'm not sure what to do with him to add "character." I may have to redo his pose make him convey that sense of character that I want for him.

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Exclarion said...

Hey bro, i like it but well when i see the arm like on his hip it makes me feel his defiant/ confident. but... on the other hand the other pose with the hand just chilling seems like more threatning to me, and well if I want to make this guy seem powerful i would go wit other arm but then again dont really know wut your going for with him hehe.