Tuesday, November 6, 2012

LBCHC 2012!

I have finally experienced my first Con behind the table in an Artist Alley! This was definitely an exciting experience. Met a lot of new artists, great cosplayers, and even made some new fans!

Here's my setup on the first day. It got more cluttered with sketches, paper, pens, markers, pencils, and business cards later on.



Here are some random sketches I did during down-time. I put them out on the table for sale.


These were all commission sketches requested by various people. I honestly didn't think I'd be doing any, but people actually asked. The great thing about this is that I get to draw things I wouldn't normally draw on my own. Thanks to all the people who made the commission requests!


I've learned a lot from this being my first con. Got lots of tips from neighboring artists and even attendees! So hopefully next con, I'll be better prepared with even cooler art to show!

Watch out Wondercon 2013.

Photos courtesy of Kristin Baluk. Thanks Kristin!

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