Monday, September 15, 2008

Game Modeling

This is still a WIP as you can see. The armor is still yet to be textured. I'm starting to have fun with 3d modeling because Zbrush makes it fun. Then seeing the normals baked on to the low poly makes it just.. extremely sweet! haha

My polycount so far is just under 4k. 3984 polygons. Not bad, huh? haha Still trying to figure some things out here and there, but this is it so far. Hopefully it'll be looking sicc at due date.

3D Studio Max 2008

c&c are all welcome.


Exclarion said...

Looking good bro. Only thing that I see needin some work on might be the texture although it depends what you are going for. For more realistic though I feel it needs to be darker hue, looks quite neonish. Lets keep it up dude!

tjfruci said...

hey you fixed the shoulder pad size.. my only issue is the straps make him look like a cartoon with the "barrel paints" thing you know like in old Warner Bros. stuff.... probably just the way the render is cropped thought.