Friday, September 5, 2008

GoW 2 Contest

These are my submissions for the Gears of War 2 Contest held at school by the Concept Art Club.

^ This is the boss monster/creature that we had to design. I wanted to make him look like a cross breed of a Berserker and a Drone. So after fiddling around with the idea for a while, I finally came up with this. I should've made it more grungy... meh.. it's due tomorrow and I'm sick of looking at it right now haha Maybe in the future I'll finish it up with color and all.

^ This is my survivor. He hunts enemy Locus and scavenges off their dead bodies. He'll use his net gun to tangle up his foe and pierce them with his spear if his traps fail. Most of the traps set consist of C4 or similar explosives. They will be well hidden and detonated when the Locus gets within range, or really close to the center of the blast radius. Then he would loot the bodies for ammo/weapons and eat their meat if he has to.

I wish I spent more time on these. I would like to color them... but ehhh haha I'll get around to it. Hope you guys enjoyed, any c&c will be appreciated.

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