Thursday, February 5, 2009

Robin Hood Redesign

Well, here's a WIP of my Robin Hood concept. I may try and flesh out a different thumbnail later on to have some variety.

I wanted to stay within his original time period, so I didn't make anything crazy. And I didn't want him to have a regular joe schmoe bow and arrow, so I designed one where he can defend himself and shoot arrows! a... Bowshield! haha Oh, and the bow's string and arrows are ethereal. The arrows appear from the arrow bag that's located on his right shoulder. Robin will have to physically reach, like he's reaching for a normal arrow, for him to conjour up an arrow.

I tried to do this one pretty fast... I even left the sketch on there. And this still took me a real long time! argh!! Hope the next one will turn out even better.

c&c welcome!

.05mm pencil/sketchpad >> photoshop cs3/wacom graphire3 ~3hrs (ugh! too long!)

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